About me!

Hi! The face behind Curls and Cosmetics is me, Eveline Vos, a happy & spontaneous curly girl! In June 2020 I started pursuing my dream for the future: 'Setting up my own cosmetics company.' Besides cosmetics, the curly hair care world is also one of my greatest passions. That's why I started a company with the combination of these two different branches.

"Curls & Cosmetics."

In September 2019 I started with the CG method and an Instagram channel as 'Foxcurlygirl'. On this account I post my curly hair journey to keep track of my progress and share important tips & tricks with my followers. I also have several collaborations with companies that sell CG products. I review these products on my Instagram with always an honest opinion.

As a sales specialist I have 3.5 years of experience in a drugstore / perfumery. I soon noticed that Make-Up, Cosmetics and Perfumery is my passion and I get energy from advising others in this area.

The purpose of this website is to help transform your hair into beautiful & healthy curls with a happy face. You are already beautiful of yourself, don't forget that and Curls and Cosmetics provides that extra piece of self-confidence.

And ....... I have launched my first own product! Specially developed for you and I am very proud of it. The products are CG-friendly and of course completely specially developed to get your curls enchantingly beautiful and healthy. In addition to the products for the hair, I'm also busy developing high-quality cosmetic products. I'll listen to your opinions and will continue to update my range accordingly. I also like to give you the best advise! 


Eveline Vos